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Het Elitists

Have I got a story for you...

Purveyors and Recommenders of Above Average Het
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sileya sileya@yahoo.com


willowwing willowwing@gmail.com

Recommendation Posting

We're not here to spam, just to give short, friendly recommendations of above average het. Please use the following guidelines to keep posts to a minimum, hopefully cutting any need for lj-cuts.

Any het from any fandom or even RPH (real people het) may be recommended. Stories that contain secondary slash pairings are allowed, but het must be the primary coupling.

Subject line = REC: (fandom name)
Body: Linked title, author name
rating, warnings
A concise explanation of why you are recommending this piece, personal commentary welcome.

You are welcome to post recommendations to Works in Progress (WIP), friends-locked posts, or closed community fics, but these must be clearly marked. We allow these because some readers will make the effort to read these fics.

In order to encourage posting, ALL members may post recommendations. However, in the interest in making sure we are rec'ing above average slash, the moderators will still maintain oversight. If something is posted that we don't feel really makes the grade, we reserve the right to contact the person who posted and then delete.

Members are screened to join. And yes, we actually do check your LJ to at least see who you are and what your preferences are.

If you read any of the recommended fics, constructive comments are welcomed and encouraged. But do not feel obliged to comment. This list is here for guilt-free enjoyment.

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